SEO tool Price and advantage

SEMrush v Ahrefs v Moz v GrowthBar
All four tools are exalted candidates to be your primary SEO tool. Each single is all-inclusive and gives you the filled suite of offerings you need to succeed. Keep appraisal to acquire the rectify solution in support of your dealings needs.

Tool Price Google Rating Free Trial
SEMrush $99/mo 3.9 Not untaken
GrowthBar $29/mo 5.0 5 days at no cost
Ahrefs $99/mo 3.6 7 days in support of $7
Moz $79/mo 4.0 30 days at no cost

  1. SEMrush

About SEMrush

SEMrush is a suite of digital marketing study tools with the intention of will help you study your competitors’ sites and better understand exactly how and why they’re performing how they are. Plus, catch keyword suggestions, locate audits, and more.

By simply typing in a URL, you can grasp exactly which keywords a locate ranks in support of and catch the estimated organic and paid traffic. SEMrush furthermore enables you to deep dive into in the least website’s backlinks, paid poster campaigns, social media followings, and more.

You can run reports, grasp the results in a graph or static data, and keep probing until you catch the answers you lack.

SEMrush Ease of Use

There’s a share of data on both screen, but previously you know I beg your pardon? You’re looking in support of it’s very stress-free to read
Liberal enjoy of drop-down menus and all the solution in order displayed on the sidebar makes navigation stress-free
Just type in the domain or keyword you lack to study to instigate
SEMrush Features

Perform website audits
Set benchmarks in support of data analysis
Find and study keywords
Competitor overviews
See competitor’s paid ads
Track organic keyword rankings
Position tracking
Top movers by location
Technical locate audits
Cell performance audits

Organic keyword tracking with SEMrush
SEMrush Pricing

SEMrush is constantly running at no cost trials, although the duration changes from count to count. They boast 3 paid tactics early by the side of $99/month in support of their Pro Plan, which allows you to run up to 5 projects.
You can upgrade to their Guru Plan in support of 50 projects and selected bonus skin texture or their Business Plan in support of 200 projects.
SEMrush Customers

Bottom line

SEMrush is single of the a large amount powerful SEO suites outdated here. It does everything really well, and later than a small learning curve, is stress-free to understand. Like other penetrating tip SEO tools, SEMrush is really a suite of tools — 12 dissimilar ones to be exact. This agency it’s tremendously powerful and tighten up in support of agencies and substantial companies.

I still consider it an enterprise tool, as it goes pretty deep in the data in a share of spaces and overheads $1,000+ for every time to enjoy.

I endorse taking it in support of a spin.

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  1. GrowthBar

About GrowthBar

Yup, stain and I made GrowthBar. You can click in our foremost menu to hear more with reference to it.

Our mission is to present it 10X easier to catch more customers.

GrowthBar is an SEO software tool in support of results-driven entrepreneurs and marketers. It helps internet-enabled businesses — from blogs, to ecommerce businesses, to startups — come across unfavorable data points and recommendations. Plus, it rocks in support of bloggers since you can present content in ONE CLICK.

GrowthBar enables you to explore your competitors’ backlink data, their paid and organic keyword rankings, and even their Facebook Ads.

Plus, we built in tips along the way — so you hear superlative practices from the superlative growth marketers in the planet in plain, concise English.

GrowthBar Ease of Use

GrowthBar presents SEO tips in plain English and delightful dashboards.
Get billions of keywords, competitive brainpower, backlink reports, Google Ads data, and Facebook Ads.
GrowthBar is a content generator. It’s the elementary SEO tool in the planet to enjoy OpenAI GPT-3, the chief language sort increasingly produced. Generate content outlines in single diminutive in support of your blog or website with keywords, word counts, headers, images, relations and more. Write content with the intention of ranks, fast.
If you like Chrome Extensions, GrowthBar’s 5 star rated broadening will rap your socks inedible. Just type in a URL or keyword into your Google search stick and crash into “enter.” Now you catch SEO insights as you Google search normally.
GrowthBar Features

Unlock this data in support of in the least website (your own or your competitors):

Domain authority
Monthly organic traffic
Monthly traffic charge
Top paid keywords
Millions of keyword suggestions
Keyword monthly search volume
Keyword competition
Keywords CPCs
Keyword rank tracking
Get the backlinks of in the least website
See Facebook Ads
Get the word count of in the least webpage
Generate content in single click in support of in the least Google search period

GrowthBar competitor dashboards

GrowthBar keyword tracking dash
GrowthBar Price

GrowthBar is at no cost to try in support of 5 days and therefore it overheads $29/mo — a steep disregard from comparable tools with the intention of cost relating $100-$200/month.
GrowthBar Customers

Bottom line

GrowthBar is the a large amount complete SEO tool, trusted by thousands of entrepreneurs and marketers by the side of companies you’ve heard of, with MagicJack, proposal.Com, TeePublic, Codeless, and Minted. It gives curated insights, plus billions of keywords, enables you to create content in single quick…. All in the a large amount user-friendly way.

Try GrowthBar Free >>

  1. Ahrefs

About Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a premium competitive analysis and keyword study tool. They ask for to boast “the world’s chief catalog of live backlinks” of in the least tool on the promote. Ahrefs has invested in data harvesting, so they likely boast the a large amount accurate third-party SEO in order untaken.

The foremost skin texture include keyword study by either typing in a seed keyword or analyzing competitor sites to grasp I beg your pardon? They’re status in support of. Plus, Ahrefs enables you to download backlink reports, catch keyword complexity scores, international keyword rankings and mobile v desktop rankings. Ahrefs allows you to die incredibly deep in your competitive study.

Ahrefs Ease of Use

You can implement a large amount search queries by either typing in a keyword or a URL
The UX is smooth and intuitive to enjoy, although it can look jumbled by the side of time
You can grasp Information via visual graphs, color-coded results, and data
Ahrefs Features

I may possibly die on and on if I were to record each discrete bring forward Ahrefs has to offer. I’ll keep it to their focal point place of skin texture with the intention of a large amount persons will be trade the tool in support of:

Competitive analysis
Keyword study
Backlink analysis
Content analysis
Rank tracking
Site audits
Ahrefs Pricing

Ahrefs offers a 7-day trial in support of $7, which is an astounding way to try outdated the tool devoid of committing to a sketch. Monthly tactics start by the side of $99/month, which opens up sufficient of the skin texture in support of those and small agencies.
Pricing tops inedible by the side of $999/month, making it single of the a large amount expensive tools on the promote but it’s worth each penny if you’re putting it to clever enjoy.
Ahrefs Customers

Bottom line

There is thumbs down denying with the intention of Ahrefs has the a large amount tools in its toolkit outdated of all of the promote study tools on the promote — and the cost reflects with the intention of.

Additional isn’t constantly better, however, and it’s carnival to say with the intention of Ahrefs isn’t up for grabs to be correct in support of everybody. If you’re an discrete or a small agency and can’t justify the $99/month fee, here are a reduced amount of expensive options with the intention of will see to everything you need. But if you’re by the side of a company with a plan with the intention of is taking SEO super badly, it might be a clever first-rate in support of you.

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  1. Moz

About Moz

Moz is single of the unique SaaS companies specializing in on the increase SEO tools. Originally founded in 2004, their domain authority metric (zero through 100) has been used as an industry standard in support of many years straight away. That’s a reflection on how clever their products are and how well they’ve continued to develop their software tools and let loose additional skin texture.

This is why Moz Pro is constantly in the conversation as single of the superlative promote study and competitive analysis tools.

Moz Pro is a complete SEO toolkit with the intention of enables you to acquire outdated everything with reference to a competitor’s website and marketing strategy. Plus, it enables you to relay outdated promote study and keyword analysis in your niche to acquire profitable opportunities.

Moz Ease of Use

One of Moz Pro’s strengths is its interface. Their enjoy of color-coding and rating scales makes it incredibly stress-free to enjoy and interpret the data
Very little data looked-for from you outside of the keywords or sites you lack to study
Personal dash and exposure data is stress-free to enjoy

Moz Features

Free Chrome Extension
Keyword Explorer
Ranking Tracker
Perform Technical Audits
Content Optimizer
Backlink Checker
Moz Pricing

Moz offers a generous 30-day at no cost trial. After with the intention of, their tactics start by the side of *$99/month in support of their Standard Plan, which will allow you to run 5 campaigns.
Or you can upgrade to their Medium, Large, and Premium tactics in support of *$179/month, *$249/month, and *$599/month correspondingly.
*You can save 20% on in the least of their tactics if you opt to remuneration annually.

Moz Customers

Bottom line

For instance single of the longest-running tools on the promote here is a exalted deal of trust and history viewing Moz Pro to be single of the superlative and a large amount dependable competitive study tools.

You don’t need to question whether or not Moz Pro does I beg your pardon? It promises, you lately need to check the fine print to present indubitable it’ll see to everything you need. You can’t die unethical taking them up on their 30-day at no cost trial, that’s a share of count to leave Moz Pro to the test.

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A at no cost SEO audit tool you must try
“Technical SEO” sounds overwhelming. But it’s really lately a strength check in support of your locate. I endorse a at no cost Google’s Lighthouse Audit to confirm your locate rate, SEO alacrity, and technical setup.

Google’s Lighthouse is an automated tool in support of humanizing the quality of a tangled web pages. You can run it counter to in the least communal a tangled web send a message and audit performance, ease of understanding, progressive a tangled web apps, SEO and more.

To enjoy it, you obligation enjoy Google’s Chrome a tangled web browser (the same single you need in support of GrowthBar). Right click on in the least website, click “inspect,” and therefore to “audits.” Then click “run audits.” Google spits outdated single regular arrive, which includes suggestions in support of humanizing your performance. I include it since it’s straight from Google itself and it’s completely at no cost!

Best SEO keyword study tool
I love three tools in support of keyword study: SEMrush, GrowthBar, and a further at no cost Google tool.

SEMrush is tremendously robust whilst it comes to keyword study. I love how stress-free it is to haul reports and the sheer volume of keywords is unparalleled. However, it can be a morsel too much in order in support of many entrepreneurs, who are lately plummeting their toes into SEO.

GrowthBar has billions of keyword suggestions, plus complexity scores and CPCs. It makes it stress-free to grasp I beg your pardon? You must pursue and I beg your pardon? You shouldn’t. Plus, it enables you to track your own keyword positions more than count.

I furthermore love Google’s Keyword Tool. It’s a further at no cost tool I didn’t include in this record. It comes at no cost whilst you sign up in support of Google Ads (hint: You don’t in fact boast to squander in the least money on ads, you lately boast to sign up!).

Simply type in in the least keyword and it spits outdated hundreds of results, which you can enjoy to pick up your content and rank in support of additional keywords. For instance, grasp the arrive less. Can you grasp why I built-in sections in this dispatch in support of “best at no cost SEO tools” and “best SEO audit tools?”

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The superlative SEO tool in support of agencies
SEMrush is the superlative agency tool.

For instance an agency, you need all of your data in single place. The superlative tool in support of agencies must allow you to quickly navigate relating both client campaign to supervisor rankings, backlinks, and much more. Plus, an agency-grade tool must automate your reports and present client dashboards definitely. SEMrush does all this.

Plus, there’s a the minority skin texture others don’t boast.

SEMrush allows you to probability in support of agency leads by filtering on companies with the intention of boast increased their marketing squander dramatically, amid other metrics.
Access SEMrush’s API so you can pipe in the least data into a custom arrive and expose it in dashboards in support of your intact personnel and client roster.
And build custom reports with your agency logo (white labeled) so client exposure is as stress-free as a link of clicks. Plus, you can schedule these reports in support of automated manner.

Source: SEMrush
My favorite SEO tool
The same tool will not do in support of each industrialist or salesperson.

If you need well along metrics (and a heftier cost tag) I recommend SEMrush. This is the superlative solution in support of enterprise customers with the intention of lack well along skin texture like “referring IP addresses,” “lost relations,” and international keyword data. Plus, it contains a suite of tools in support of content marketers and social media marketers. So everybody in your organization will catch charge from it.

For everybody moreover, I genuinely believe GrowthBar satisfies each need, by the side of a cost almost anybody can afford. GrowthBar is made in support of autonomous creators — marketers, bloggers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. It’s lately as powerful, and has skin texture (like rank tracking and one-click content creation) with the intention of others don’t.

GrowthBar has billions of keywords and backlinks, competitiveness metrics, and quick competitor insights in support of single $29/month. I hope you’ll check it outdated!

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